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by Deathspawn

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Desperation and torment Failure, regret, effort in vain Inertia in the burning darkness The inertia in pain Enslavement of the will Eternal desire to possess All goods fall down to the abyss None of them will last The grace of purpose denied! Forever running with a blindfold! I throw myself into madness Seeking the illumination Seeking the sense of life (or death) Show it if you can! The grace of purpose denied Straying for years I have never... Touched the Sun! Felt the God! Straying for years I have never had! In this senseless existence Undetermined I vegetate On this desert of contentment Undone, I wait for the death! At this mountain of madness I'm endlessly renewing my attempts I am Sisyphus son! There is no end! So now when my condition is so tragic I wonder if there are some other ways To get away from the nothingness To be beyond the nothingness To reach the promised land! How can I when the heaven's fallen? To state myself and be complete! That's my salvation! I'll never reach the promised land! All hopes for this have just fallen I'll never find myself complete! And so on, to the grave!
Between two hills in a desert Rises the temple of peace The Merciful, The Mightiest! Thou in glory appeared to us! Thou preach, Thou illuminate! All the wisdom comes from Thee! You are the only One! Beneath the ritual hidden is an instinct of a murderer Beneath morality, beneath the godliness hidden is a sin! Salem! The home of peace and righteousness! Moriah! The place chosen by the One who is! Al-Quds! The temple of the virtues! Thousand holy names refer to the place! Sacred ground! The home of merciless God! Sacred ground! The hill of first infanticide! Sacred ground! The stench of burnt innocence! Sacred ground! The reek of holocaust! I shall lie my hand On your sacrificial head To redeem me from my sins And wash the blood out of my hands! I shall set a fire To the temple of hypocrisy And watch with pride As it burns! Every religion is an excuse To unbelievable brutality Every religion is a sin A dishonor of man!
So here you are at the end of the road Lying in pain, all covered with blood Is it too early to say goodbye? Forget your dreams, open your eyes! And face that fucking brutal reality! They're gonna come for you no matter what! Are you surprised by result of your life If delusion filled your every day? None of us will see the heaven Our flesh rotten in the cycle of disease! They're gonna come for you no matter what! Leave everything! Forget the past! Dive into life! Let thy will be done! Maggots will masticate your heart And in the end you're gonna rot in pieces! (I) Leave everything! Forget my past! Dive into life! Let my will be done! Maggots will masticate my soul And in the end I'm gonna rest in pieces! None of the gods survived! My plagues of blasphemous truths! Watch as the kingdom of spirit trembles! Watch the fall of the Sun! Now you're alone in the darkness! An animal, no sense of life! Watch as the kingdom of spirit trembles! Watch the fall of the Sun! Rotten, putrid, decomposed The face eaten by worms Foetid, slimy, hideous Becomes your fucking corpse Ommited, forgotten is your fucking being No one hears the desperate scream! Putrefied!
The Relusion 04:42
New born child lies in a cradle Waiting for the execution Whispering the spells Father brands the cattle Another paradise lost A phantom being with no will In a cage he cannot touch Nor feel, nor see Crows have eaten the dead man's eyes Vultures chewed the guts Worms penetrated the brain The spear deeply pierced the heart On the knees he drags himself To the golden altar of pain Begging for forgiveness Begging for release Worship the heretic! Vomit the blasphemy! I see you suffering I see you suffocating I see you dying in pain Delusion of the God The illusion of existence The illusion of thy freedom Release the beast inside! Light the fire in your heart! Fulfill the will of God! For all the years in the past You lived in relusion! Release the beast inside! Light the fire in your heart! Become the anti-god! Destroy this relusion! What for is the sacrifice you give in hope of salvation? There are no points for prayers and confessions!
Reverendus 03:52
Reverend greets the world With knowledge to be learned With blind truths to be told Sharp like a razor blade Ready to illuminate Heavenly blessed with faith! Thirst for godly righteousness! Thirst for the things unseen! Thirst for the greater good! Higher godlike will! Reverend blindly seats on his white pristine throne Harvests what he'd sown Seed he'll never own Religion is a pay! Religion is a plea! Thy courage to do right! Swiftly drains the opened heart! The tools of godlike will! Zealots ready to kill! Who does always seek the justice?! Thy will to deny! Think and mutiny! Raise the primal cry! Stand and proudly fight Uncover the light! Decide what is right! You won't have to live For what you cannot see! You won't have to bleed For the things that should never be! For the things that will never be!
Condemned to lose since birth Harassed by things I am never destined to feel and see Roving for years! Foul filthy loser Living an unfair life Eating dogmeat Looking for hope From those who spit in the face! Lost soul burnt with fire Now sharpens her knife World will hear the sobs of scums Who trampled all the dreams They will be crushed by rage of pariah! Noble-borns sneering at your forlorn, pitiful fate As their shoes shine aimlessly fed by your hate Golden rain of luxury slowly strings your heart Domination leaves your will torn apart! Relentless fools drinking your tears When pain evolves the justice calls Death'll send subtle kiss by my hand breaking chains of a slave Singing the chants of freedom While bathing in the blood of the fools The end of our endless abuse Curse of the excluded shall end soon Our dignity will finally reborn Through the suffering of the past lords Untamed beast we will release to begin your doom One who's struggling with poverty will feast upon dead bodies Of noble fools drown in their last scream Thou be aware! Justice will come! Wealth will be doomed!
Compassion is only a way to weakness Demeaning madness Nature! Strongest hold The puppets' veinlets No rules! No moral obligations Hold back! ‘Cause every act of treason will make you perish Force is might! Only weak can trust emotions Baleful life of betrayer! Reflection?! Leave it alone, piece of shit Gulp the bait Blindly follow every order Belief that's built through years is fragile Don’t think the face that you see is true Everyone sets a mask Falseness pecks you everyday Don't think you're aware In smiles one offers help with a pouch full of razors Break the bad luck future, now! Turn one's back, resist this fucking sham Wipe the eyes, perceive the truth Don't be next sprocket in the works of doom Awakening of the brain Resistance Will cause that The traitors will pray Lying at the feet What are you waiting for? Just one word Vacuous contest began Nothing left, certainly not life They're two ways - kill or be killed Independence's what you need Without pain, without fear Proudly march above this filth Fuck the bitch who earns on sneaky kill
I emerge from the eternal pain The deepest need for illumination An effort in vain, anyway falls the Sun In front of the indifference! War! Never ending nightmare Mind and heart eaten by a desperation Majestic raven sitting on a thinker's grave That's dug by himself! When you look into those eyes So pure and bright Don't you see the solitude of man Silent scream of all of us Left alone by creator Lost in the maze of souls Trapped behind the border of skin Zero distance, yet beyond each Struggling to transcend, to manifest Rip my skin off and tear the heart, crush the bones In the act of my endless naivety I fall into oblivion Weakness! Inability to form a self Why can't I just hold still in total silence? Majestic raven sitting on my own grave The grave I dug by myself! I fly high to the burning Sun! Through the flesh, through the mind Recreate, transcend! The luminous temple of self I've fallen down from the burning Sun! Never been above the ground Lay down my truths and pain In the mausoleum of bones and flesh!


Debut album of Deathspawn. Released under Defense Records and Mythrone Promotion labels.






released December 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Deathspawn Slupsk, Poland

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